Performed by Pedro d'Avila and Boheng Wang at the Pendulum New Music Series at the University of Colorado, Boulder | October 28, 2021

Pedro and Indigo | Piano 4-hands | Isabel Goodwin, 2020
Dedicated to Pedro d'Avila and Indigo Farmer
Pedro and Indigo, written for piano 4-hands, was inspired by and written to be played by two close friends I made during my first year of college. Pedro and Indigo is meant to showcase the beautiful, intense, contrasting personalities of Pedro d’Avila and Indigo Farmer, and how these individuals have influenced my life. Pedro is bold and passionate and has pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to really experience life in a meaningful way. Indigo is quiet and ferocious and her fierce love for the things and people she cares about inspires me all the time. 
I hope that Pedro and Indigo will eventually become the first movement of a larger piece. This piece is so full of love for both of my friends, and writing it filled me with a passion for our relationship as well as writing music about the people I love. I am now inspired to write more music about the people in my life. Though I still have a lot to learn, I look forward to finding this passion again in my next pieces. 
Midi rendered by NotePerformer version 3.0 in Sibelius
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