Image courtesy of Mahting Productions, 2023

Isabel Burgos Goodwin | Composer, Bassoonist, Artist, Bunny Lover
Isabel Goodwin, originally from Dallas, Texas, has been immersed in music
since childhood. They started experimenting with composition at the age
of 10, writing simple recorder and xylophone melodies. Over the years,
their compositions have been performed by respected ensembles like the
Austin Symphony Orchestra, the Worcester Chamber Music Society String
Quartet and most recently, the ~Nois Saxophone Quartet! Goodwin draws
inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including modern film scores,
classical works, and musical theater. Their Puerto Rican heritage also plays
a significant role in shaping their musical and artistic sensibilities. Through
their studies at CU Boulder, Goodwin has had the privilege of gaining many
new composition opportunities. They had the honor of having their work
read by the CU Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, and received the 2020 Allan
McMurray Wind Composition Award for their piano 4-hands piece, Pedro
and Indigo. Additionally, they won the National Bassoon Meetup’s Bassoon
Artistry and Unconventional Collaboration Competition in 2020. In 2022, they
were commissioned by the University of Wisconsin Madison to create a new
piece for a flute quartet, marking a significant milestone in their career as a
Goodwin is currently working toward Bachelor of Music (BM) degrees in
both bassoon performance and music composition, with plans to graduate
in December 2023. You can explore their musical creations on their website, They also contribute insights to the CU Boulder
College of Music Admissions department through blog posts, offering a glimpse
into their musical world. Goodwin also has two pet rabbits, Olive and Monty,
who are their best friends in the whole world.
B. December 2000