1001 Nights, and then Something Different | Composed, Arranged, Produced, and Performed by Isabel Goodwin, 2020 | 1st Place Winner of the National Bassoon Meetup Artistry and Unconventional Collaboration Competition
Presented by the National Bassoon Meetup, and hosted by Benjamin Coelho and Yoon Joo Hwang. Advisory Board and Artistic Committee: Yoshi Ishikawa, chair; Whitney Crockett; Kristin Wolf Jensen; Kim Laskowski; Rufus Olivier.
Sponsored and endorsed by: Wilhelm Heckel, Georg Rieger, Fox Products, Bernd Moosman, Rudolf Walter & CO, J Püchner, Marcus Bonna, Midwest Musical Imports, Miller Marketing Corporation, Wiseman London, RDG Woodwinds, DWK Seoul, Forrests Music, Hodge Products, Inc., Aria Double Reeds, Trevco Music, Reed Machines, Danzi Reeds, Reeds’n Stuff, Van Holen Reeds, Lavoro Reeds, Legere Reeds, GünerReeds
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