Midi rendered by Garritan Sound Library in Finale

Rain-Day Waltz | Symphony Orchestra | Isabel Goodwin, 2018
Rain-Day Waltz was written in about 1.5 months, from January to mid-February. I began with the melody that starts through the piano, and developed and added onto it until the climax point in measure 33. The traditional waltz-style “ba-dum-dum” is present for most of the piece, characterizing it as a dance even through all the changing styles and moods. In measure 91, there’s a completely new mood and style, without the “ba-dum-dum” that existed before. This part I wrote in one sitting, once I realized that listening to the constant background left almost no pacing to the piece and no points to anchor to. Emotionally, the piece lacked the melancholy feeling I was going for. It was a dance, but it wasn't everything I wanted it to be. Eventually, the piece comes back around to the beginning theme but bigger, and resolves nicely as the rain fades away.
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