Midi rendered by Garritan Sound Library in Finale

Paintbrushes and Pine Trees | Large Ensemble | Isabel Goodwin, 2017
Composed for violins, violas, cellos, basses, oboe, french horn, piano, and percussion
This piece was inspired by a story called 'Through a Slender Opening,' which links characters from Disney's Gravity Falls and LAIKA Studio's ParaNorman and takes them through an adventurous journey to solve mysteries and repair relationships. Author JKL-FFF really did an amazing job creating this universe, expanding each character's personalities, and surpassing known realms of creativity. Definitely one of my favorite reads of all time. The music combines aspects from the soundtracks of both Gravity Falls and ParaNorman in a way that encompasses the stress, adventure, and camaraderie the characters experienced in the story."
Read the story here:
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