University of Wisconsin Madison | April 21, 2022

A Tactile Rainbow | Flute Quartet | Isabel Goodwin, 2022
Commissioned by the University of Wisconsin Madison
“A tactile rainbow” is a 7-movement piece for flute quartet where each miniature-movement is inspired by a color of the rainbow. It is sweet, cheesy, and emotional. Throughout the movements a sort of emotional world is built, ranging from exciting in Red: Life to silly in frogs! to reflective in everything is grey. 
01. Red: Life
02. Clementines (Nature's Little Gift)
03. Fool's Gold
04. everything is grey
05. frogs!
06. Indigo Fields
07. Violet (and so it goes)
Want to play A Tactile Rainbow? Contact me on the "contact 

art by Isabel Goodwin

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