University of Colorado Boulder | September 20, 2023

Performance featuring ~Nois Saxophone Quartet and Tyreis Hunte as a special collaboration between the CU Boulder Composition Department and the CU Boulder Dance Department

Rubber Shoe | Saxophone Quartet | Isabel Goodwin, 2023
Composed for the ~Nois Saxophone Quartet
“Rubber Shoe” is a composition that finds its inspiration in an unexpected source, the iconic Crocs footwear. What began as a modest boating shoe has evolved into a symbol of modern self-expression, particularly among Gen Z. Crocs have also cemented their place in LGBTQIA+ fashion circles, gaining recognition for their comfort and huge array of styles, including yassified 3.5-inch-heeled Crocs and an awesome collaboration collection with community icon Lil’ Nas X. This composition highlights the dynamic connection between fashion and music – both potent forms of self expression that empower individuals and foster a sense of community.
01. The Clog of a Generation
02. A Shoe that Floats!
03. "Ugly Can Be Beautiful, Too"
04. Sport Mode

05. Profit Over People
06. Haute Couture
07. Vogue
A special thank you to Crocs for providing our performers with Crocs footwear for the premiere performance!
Want to play "Rubber Shoe"? Send me a message on the "contact" page!

Cover art by Isabel Goodwin

a mood board I made for the ~Nois Saxophone Quartet premiere (art by Isabel Goodwin)

~Nois Saxophone Quartet with Isabel Goodwin (composer) and Tyreis Hunte (collaborative dancer) after the premiere of "Rubber Shoe"

Left to right: Julian Velasco, Jordan Lulloff, János Csontos, Isabel Goodwin, Hunter Bockes, Tyreis Hunte

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