Recorded at the University of Colorado Boulder, 

1001 Nights, and then Something Different | Bassoon, voice, piano, and percussion | Isabel Goodwin, 2020
1st Place Winner of the 2020 Bassoon Artistry and Unconventional Collaboration Competition, hosted by the National Bassoon Meetup
1001 Nights, and then Something Different is a piece combining the famous bassoon solos of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov with the song "Something Different" from the hit Broadway show "The Band's Visit," (words and music used with permission from David Yazbek). 
This piece features two characters: the bassoonist, and the singer who is listening to her play. The singer doesn't understand what the bassoonist is "singing" about, and projects her budding feelings of romance and fascination as she explores the subject of the bassoonist's song. Meanwhile, the bassoonist performs excerpts from Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade," a piece which in itself embodies story-telling, romance, and survival. 
1001 Nights, and then Something Different | Composed, arranged, and produced by Isabel Burgos Goodwin
~with music from~
"Something Different," from The Band's Visit-- David Yazbek (words and music used with permission from David Yazbek)
"Scheherazade," -- Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Isabel Burgos Goodwin- bassoonist, composer, arranger, editor, producer
Annie Carpenter- singer
Indigo Farmer- pianist
Spencer Stepanek- drummer
Nawledge Brewington- acting director
Kevin Harbison- recording engineer
Gyungsun Im- videographer
Emma Topping- videographer
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